Outdoor Fitness Clubs

Outdoor Fitness Clubs (OFC) combines cardiovascular, strength training, flexibility and core training to give you the best possible fitness program available in an hour.  And best of all, its all outdoors!  Why work out indoors when you could be OUTDOORS breathing fresh air (not recycled club air) while you watch the sun rise?  We are the refreshing alternative to the mundane indoor club work out you’ve been doing year after year. Not only do we offer challenging work outs but massage and nutrition counseling as well. Some clients refer to us as their “mobile health club.”

Cross Training – We combine cardio and strength training in every work out for the ultimate exercise program.  Studies show that you achieve your fitness goals faster when you combine the two into your work outs. Our goal is to give you fast results but more importantly, LASTING changes.

Nutrition – Let’s not forget about nutrition either!  For your body to perform at it’s peak ability, you need the right type of fuel to keep your body running at it’s best. You could look OK on the outside, but feel bogged down and sluggish on the inside if you’re not eating and excerising right.  Our nutrition program is designed to help you maximize your energy levels and to look and feel your best!  See “Nutrition Info” at the bottom of our home page.

Motivation – Let’s be honest…most people already know they should be exercising more and eating better.  Our professional trainers are experts in the art of motivation and accountability.  We also realize that not everyone is motivated the same as the next person.  That’s why we evaluate your unique situation first, to find out your personal fitness goals and what things help keep you motivated.

We also utilize a cutting edge training method designed by New Paradigm Fitness called “Body Shock.”  Research indicates that if you frequently change up your work out methods, your body and mind are “shocked” by the new demands and forced to adapt.  This process keeps your body “guessing” and doesn’t allow your mind or body to slip into a plateau.  Consequently, your body experiences physical changes faster compared to always doing the same old routine.  Of course this method of training adds to the adventure and keeps things fun and exciting!  Lastly, consistency is KEY to achieving a healthy lifestyle with any professional fitness program!  When you are surrounded by like-minded folks who are all committed to making fitness a priority in their lives, there is a group synergy and accountability you can’t find in your typical health club environment.  In a day and age where people are too busy to connect with others or distracted by their i-pods, OFC offers a refreshing alternative.